In A Car Accident? Here Are Five Things You Need To Do.

While a car accident may be a jarring experience, it is important to always keep your cool, especially if you or a family member needs medical attention. In fact, knowing what to do after an accident may be the difference between you getting the compensation you deserve and you being left holding the bag.

Below are five things you should always do following a motor vehicle wreck.

  1. Seek medical attention: The first step following any accident is to seek necessary medical attention as soon as possible for yourself and anyone else involved in the crash. Even if you think your injuries are not serious, it is important to seek medical care as you may have suffered injuries you are not even aware of.
  2. Call 911: Whether you need the police or an ambulance ― or both ― you should call 911 right away. If the driver responsible for the accident tries to tell you that police are not necessary, DO NOT LISTEN. You may need an official police report later in order to prove your personal injury claim.
  3. Gather information and protect the scene: You need to exchange information with the other driver, including insurance data and IDs. You should also collect witness names as you may need to rely on their statements later. Lastly, do your best to protect the scene until you have an opportunity to take photos and record relevant facts.
  4. Make an accurate record: Once police arrive, make sure to tell them exactly what happened and they record the facts in the police report. You should also write down your recollection of the events as soon as possible. This information may prove invaluable later should the insurance company dispute the facts of the accident.
  5. Protect your rights ― contact a lawyer: One of the most important things to do after an accident is to contact a personal injury lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you gather relevant evidence and protect you against insurance companies. Remember, insurance companies are not your friends. If they have any basis to do so, they will not pay your claim.

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