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The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy provides results-oriented and cost-effective representation to businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding parts of Georgia. Businesses turn to the law office for realistic guidance and hands-on service in even the most challenging legal matters. The law office frequently handles:

Representation From A Lawyer Who Understands Your Business

Atlanta business law attorney Brian C. McCarthy comes to these matters with a decade of legal experience. He also has an MBA and extensive business experience. Prior to becoming an attorney, he spent time in the world of business, working for the Atlanta Falcons and other sports organizations. He not only knows the law, but he knows what the law means in practice to businesses. He knows firsthand the real-world costs and benefits of steps taken in the courtroom and the law office. His legal guidance is as realistic as it is sound.

Protecting Valuable Business Relationships

As a lawyer and a businessman, Mr. McCarthy understands that businesses often thrive by working together. The materials supplier works with the manufacturer that works with the retailer. Through carefully drafted contracts, business relationships are created that can prove mutually beneficial for many years. When disputes arise, they threaten to tear these relationships apart, and a lawyer needs to understand when to take steps during business litigation to protect these relationships and when to end them and forge new ones.

Mr. McCarthy's knowledge of the Atlanta business community has proven invaluable to the many businesses that have turned to him and continue to turn to him for legal help.

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