Business Divorce & Dissolution

When the time comes for a business to close its doors or for the people involved in the business to go their separate ways and for the business to enter a new phase, matters can become extremely complex. It is important for businesses facing these issues to consult with an experienced business divorce and dissolution lawyer in Atlanta.

The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy is committed to minimizing stress and cost during a business shutdown and to carefully ushering businesses through reorganization. Attorney Brian C. McCarthy has an MBA and real-world business experience, so he understands the nuances that are involved in these matters and knows how to protect clients' interests.

Business Divorce

Mr. McCarthy handles what is often referred to as corporate divorce, addressing issues that may arise when one co-owner retires or is forced out of the business. He handles the splitting up of partnerships and other business entities.

Mr. McCarthy also handles business divorce in the truest sense of the term, resolving cases in which a family business is owned by a couple that is going through a divorce. He is skilled at addressing matters related to tax issues, depreciation and more. He represents unmarried couples that own businesses together, including GLBT couples. In these cases, there may be unique ownership aspects that need to be carefully reviewed and addressed.

Business Dissolution

If the business is closing completely, rather than merely changing hands, dissolution will be necessary. Mr. McCarthy guides businesses through this process, striving to protect any remaining assets or investments. He is prepared to address any business disputes that arise during this process, including creditor disputes.

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