Business Litigation

Georgia Attorney Protecting Your Business Investment and Reputation

Contract disputes, outstanding invoices and other issues can harm a business. If your company is in jeopardy because of a legal conflict, turn to an experienced business litigation attorney to protect your rights through negotiation and in the courtroom.

The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy, has extensive experience helping Atlanta area businesses resolve contract disputes. From breach of contract to insider trading, Mr. McCarthy will guide you through the litigation process to protect your company.

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Resolving Your Business Disputes

Business conflicts put your investment and your reputation on the line. it is important to know that your attorney understands the situation you are facing and will do everything possible to protect your interests.

Attorney McCarthy helps businesses with:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Defaults on promissory notes, invoices or failure to pay
  • Commercial collections
  • Trade secret issues
  • Violations of non-compete agreements

Your business lawyer needs to understand the business documents and transactions associated with your case. Mr. McCarthy spent many years in the real world before attending law school. With an MBA and extensive business experience, he knows the concerns facing many business owners.

Call 404-692-7577 or contact the firm online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your business concerns. Whether you are trying to collect debts that are owed to you, pursuing a breach of contract dispute or struggling to make ends meet, Mr. McCarthy will fight on your side.