Businesses that win a judgment against a debtor often find that winning the judgment was the least challenging part of the process. The next step, collecting on the judgment, is much more difficult. With the help of an experienced Atlanta collections lawyer, however, collecting all or a portion of the debt is possible. The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy can help.

Commercial Collections

Attorney Brian C. McCarthy represents local and out-of-state businesses attempting to collect from a debtor located in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia. He frequently deals with judgments of $5,000 to $10,000 or more against other businesses or individuals.

Turning A Piece Of Paper Into Money

In inexperienced hands, a judgment is merely a piece of paper. The paper may state that the holder is entitled to money, but if the holder has no leverage, then it is difficult to collect. Mr. McCarthy understands the leverage that is available.

In these cases, the debtor will frequently claim that there is no money available to pay the judgment. Mr. McCarthy will encourage them to find sufficient funds to pay even a portion of the judgment, if not the entire judgment. He uses time-tested negotiation skills to help creditors get as much money as possible in as little time as possible. Often, months or even years have passed since the debt was first incurred, and he understands how important it is to find a positive resolution quickly to bring this matter to a close once and for all.

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