The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy represents businesses in all contractual matters. As an attorney with an MBA and extensive business experience, Brian C. McCarthy is well-versed in contracts for the purchase or sale of entire businesses, business names, inventory, assets, accounts receivable and more, as well as all other types of contracts.

Drafting, Reviewing And Negotiating Contracts

A contract is only as strong as its language. For a contract to be effective and for disputes to be avoided, the wording of a contract must be precise and unambiguous. When Mr. McCarthy drafts contracts, he uses clear wording to ensure that both parties entering into the agreement understand their rights and obligations.

In addition to drafting contracts, Mr. McCarthy provides contract review and negotiation services. Businesses can come to him with contracts they have been presented or that they have previously prepared. He will review them to make certain that the business understands what is being agreed to, and if he believes there is something missing or the deal is not balanced properly, he can negotiate the contract in the best interest of the business.

Contract Disputes

Atlanta contract dispute lawyer Brian C. McCarthy comes to these matters with a strong business sense and a complete understanding of the stakes that are involved. Disputes may arise due to a poorly written contract, one with unclear language that leads to misinterpretation of rights or obligations. In other cases, the dispute may be the result of breach of contract by one side. He will attempt to resolve these matters amicably when possible, preserving valuable business relationships. In some cases, business litigation may be necessary and he will provide representation through negotiation and trial as needed.

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