Estate Litigation

After the loss of a loved one, with emotions running high and so many complex estate issues to be addressed, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise over the distribution of the deceased's estate. An Atlanta estate litigation attorney at the Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy can assist you in reaching a resolution.

Will Contests

Contested wills are among the most common estate disputes. These may arise for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the problem lies in the will itself. If the will was drafted using unclear or ambiguous language, there may be differing interpretations in terms of how assets should be distributed. In other cases, the issue may be the state of mind of the deceased when he or she created the will. Was he or she of sound mind? Was he or she unfairly influenced to favor one beneficiary in the estate plan? Lawyer Brian C. McCarthy will use his experience to help you protect your share of the inheritance.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty And Accounting Disputes

The executor should be transparent in his or her dealings with all matters related to the estate. There are accounting requirements, and those requirements are particularly thorough if there is a trust in the estate. Failure to provide clear accountings often leads to disputes.

Whether you are the executor and you have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty for not providing accountings of the disposition of estate assets or because of allegations of misusing estate assets, or if you are a beneficiary who has concerns about how the executor is handling the estate, you can benefit from the services of Mr. McCarthy.

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