Estate Planning

Now is a good time to plan your estate. If you have children, are a business owner, or have any family or assets that you need to protect, you can benefit from estate planning. At the Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy, you will be served by an Atlanta estate planning lawyer with a decade of experience helping people like you.

An Estate Plan Is Not Just For Asset Protection

There is a persistent myth that only people with millions of dollars worth of assets need to plan their estates. This is not true. Careful estate plans can protect assets of any value, and they do much more. A good estate plan can protect your assets and your family not only after your death, but in the event of an incapacitating illness or injury. If you are not able to make medical and financial decisions, the estate plan will tell your family what to do. It saves them stress and prevents disagreements and family discord.

Furthermore, people often do not understand the full value of all of their assets. When you add up the value of your house, your bank account, your retirement and investment accounts, life insurance policies, and all of your other property, you may be surprised at how much you have and how much your children and family stand to lose if the estate is not planned properly. As your attorney, Brian C. McCarthy will help you establish the protections you need.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

When people think of estate planning, they often think of wills. However, an effective estate plan may use a variety of tools, including:

In addition to estate planning, the Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy offers a wide range of elder law services, including guardianship, nursing home planning, and Medicare and Medicaid planning.

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