The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy offers complete trust and estate planning services, including:

  • Drafting trusts
  • Funding trusts
  • Reviewing trusts
  • Updating trusts

Trusts offer much more flexibility than wills, making them an important option to consider if you have substantial assets or complex goals in terms of how you want your property to be passed onto your beneficiaries. Experienced Atlanta attorney Brian C. McCarthy will review your goals and explain the various trust options available.

Types Of Trusts

Most trusts are living trusts, also known as inter-vivos trusts. These are trusts established while you are alive. There are also testamentary trusts, which are established after a person dies based on information included in that person's will. A living trust can be either revocable, meaning it can be changed and assets remain in control of the trust's creator, or irrevocable. For estate planning purposes, the revocable living trust is the most common.

Trusts can also be broken down further into many subvarieties. There are special-needs trusts designed specifically with the interests of special-needs children in mind. There are life insurance trusts designed to protect and use life insurance policies. There are charitable remainder trusts, generation-skipping trusts and more. Each has different strengths and different tax benefits. Mr. McCarthy will review the various types of trusts with you and help you choose the most effective options to include in your estate plan.

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