Insurance Coverage Disputes

Are you involved in a dispute with your insurance company? Have you filed a valid claim, only to have the insurance company unnecessarily delay payment, attempt to lowball you or simply deny the claim outright? You can benefit from the representation of an experienced lawyer. The Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy represents individuals and businesses in insurance coverage disputes in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Whether your claim involves auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance or any other type of insurance policy, attorney Brian C. McCarthy can help. He handles issues involving denied claims, underpaid claims, delayed claims, reservation of rights, declaratory judgment actions and more.

Insurance Companies Acting In Bad Faith

When you purchase an insurance policy and pay your premiums on time, you are fulfilling your end of the agreement with the expectation that the insurance company will do the same if the time comes for you to put the policy into action. When an insurance company fails to live up to its end of the agreement, it is referred to as acting in bad faith.

An example of insurance of bad faith would be if you were in a car accident and the driver of the vehicle you hit suffered serious injuries. Your auto insurance policy may state that it will cover the injured driver. If your insurer finds some way to avoid paying out, that may be an act of insurance bad faith and you can benefit from the help of a dedicated and experienced lawyer.

Insurance Companies Do Not Want To Go To Trial

Insurance companies do not want to be sued for bad faith, and they certainly do not want to go to trial. An experienced attorney like Mr. McCarthy stands up to insurers in the courtroom, making it clear to the jury that the policyholder was wronged. Juries tend to be sympathetic to policyholders in the first place, and if an attorney makes a clear case for bad faith, the insurance company stands to lose. Often, the insurance company would prefer to negotiate and do the right thing than go to court against Mr. McCarthy.

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