Engineering Malpractice

Engineers are professionals and are expected to act with a reasonable degree of skill when providing services to customers. Engineers are asked to do many important tasks, from ensuring that the design of a structure will result in a stable building to signing off on the soundness and durability of a structure that has been constructed. When an engineer fails in these tasks, significant financial loss can result.

If you experience damages as a result of an engineer's failure, you have legal rights. An Atlanta engineering malpractice lawyer at the Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy can help you to pursue a claim for compensation for losses. Call today to speak with a member of our legal team about your case and to get answers to questions including:

  • How do I know if engineering malpractice occurred?
  • What should I do if I experienced loss or damage due to engineering malpractice?
  • How can an Atlanta engineering malpractice lawyer help with my case?

How Do I Know if Engineering Malpractice Occurred?

If you asked an engineer to do work in a professional capacity or to provide an expert opinion for you, the engineer is expected to act with all of the competence and skill that a reasonable professional with his training would exhibit under the circumstances. If the engineer in question rendered an opinion or took an action that no reasonable professional would have, this is a case of engineering malpractice.

Engineering malpractice can arise in a variety of different situations including:

  • When an engineer fails in reviewing a structure or collaborating in the design process in a way that results in a building that is unsafe or unsound.
  • When an engineer carelessly approves the durability and soundness of a structure under inspection.
  • When an engineer fails to comply with building codes, zoning regulations or permit laws in a project he is overseeing or working on.
  • When an engineer misrepresents or understates costs or requirements of a project to intentionally mislead a client.
  • When an engineer otherwise is responsible for abuse or fraud in his professional relationship with a client.

In these and other situations, you likely have the right to make a malpractice claim. If you suspect an engineer you hired failed in some way to live up to his professional duties, you should contact an Atlanta engineering malpractice lawyer for an evaluation of your case.

What Should I Do if I Experienced Loss or Damage Due to Engineering Malpractice

If you experienced loss because of the actions of an engineer, you need to document all of the damages. You should contact an attorney right away so your lawyer can help you to begin building evidence of malpractice.

Your Atlanta malpractice lawyer can file a civil lawsuit on your behalf. You will need to prove that the engineer's behavior fell below the standard of care and that you suffered actual harm. It is also up to you to show the extent of your loss so you can be fully and fairly compensated.

How Can An Atlanta Engineering Malpractice Lawyer Help With My Case?

An Atlanta engineering malpractice lawyer can assist with all steps of a case against a negligent engineer, from determining who is to blame for your loss to filing a case and persuading the court to rule in your favor. Your attorney can also negotiate a settlement to try to achieve a fair out-of-court resolution of your case that ends with you getting the money you deserve.

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